The Effects of the Istanbul Canal on Nature

In this article, we will be talking about the effects of the Istanbul Canal on nature. This project is highly contested as there are both positive and negative effects that come out of the construction, this article will lay out what they are and which one prevails.

In brief, the canal would give a link from Black Sea to Mediterranean where ships can avoid traveling through heavily congested Bosporus Strait. This would divide Istanbul In three lands which will have benefits to people living in the city. However, we should note that the project is still in construction and will be finished by 2026, so there is still a long way to go. I believe it would be very interesting to observe what would happen if this canal was constructed but I shall simply explain the effects of this project on nature if it was constructed.

The project is still in construction, so many of the effects of it are still indeterminate. Although there are many different possible environmental impacts that this project may have. Some of which can be prevented, while others cannot. Some of the most prominent ones are water pollution and erosion. Water pollution is inevitable as it has occurred in the past when ships transporting chemicals in Bosporus Strait caused water pollution to all around.

One of the major concerns about the canal is the level of water pollution, and how can it possibly be prevented. Since ships will not be able to move through this area without going through Suez Canal, there will be many more ships that have to pass through this canal in order for them to travel from Bosporus Strait to Mediterranean. This causes many more chances for these ships to contaminate the water and cause potential harm or even death to wildlife in this area.

This is what made the project so controversial as it creates a huge burden on the people of Istanbul and nature. If this construction is done, there are no plans to make any tunnels or anything that would allow water to still flow between these two seas and this would devastate the wildlife. Many people believe that the nature in Istanbul will be affected irreversibly as there will be disruption in natural habitats of birds and fish, not to mention many species could even go extinct due to harder access to food and resources.

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