10 Reasons Why We Need to Stop Work on the Istanbul Canal

This article will focus on 10 compelling reasons why the Istanbul Canal should not be completed.

Why We Need to Stop Work on the Istanbul Canal

Starting with the most important, number 1:

1. The canal is going to destroy 500 acres of wetlands and lead to erosion of 20% of Istanbul’s coastline.

2. It will threaten the lives of millions of birds.

3. It will threaten the lives of many fishes and disrupt their reproduction habits.

4. There are already plenty of transportation routes in Istanbul which are clogged with traffic, so why would they want to create yet another one?

5. They said that they would bury the pipe line, but when it was time for the actual piping, they decided not to hide them underneath and instead exposed them above ground.

6. It would increase air pollution.

7. Water transportation would damage the town’s economy in many different ways that have not yet been explored by the planners.

In addition to the above, there are several other reasons why we should not move forward with this idea:

a) The cost of this project is $10 billion dollars (so much for being one of the best examples of public-private partnerships).

b) The residents of Istanbul did not have a say in this project.

c) If the build is successful, we will spend our remaining days listening to the traffic congestion. If the build is unsuccessful and it floods, then we are going to lose a lot of land and have to start all over again.

d) They will use natural gas and not oil for burning (which will cause air pollution).

e) The project is going to be implemented in a coastal area, even though we already have enough problems with erosion.

f) They will destroy 500 acres of wetlands and lead to erosion of 20% of Istanbul’s coastline.

g) The construction has already started but is causing a lot of damage to the environment.

h) There are plenty of transportation routes in Istanbul that are already congested and constantly creating traffic jams.

i) If they create this canal, then Istanbul will not be on the Black Sea anymore.

j) If the project is successful, then the high salt content of the ground water will ruin our drinking water.

k) The project will also lead to increased tourism, but there is no infrastructure in place to handle that increase in people. This might end up being disastrous.

8. Fish habitats will be destroyed and canals will impact reproduction habits of fish.

9. Canals will also destroy the breeding sites of birds such as crane and spoonbill.

10. An increase in tourism may lead to a decrease in ecosystem services provided by the ecosystem services, such as water purification, pollination, nutrient cycling, etc.

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