How Much does The Istanbul Canal Project Cost?

Istanbul Canal project will cover 30 million square meters of Yenişehir (New City) project to be established in an area of 453 million square meters. The total length of the Istanbul Canal Project, which will have a population of 7.5 million, will be 44 kilometers. The depth will be 25 meters in the Istanbul Canal project, which will be established in an area of 30 million square meters. Istanbul Canal’s 400 meters width will have a width ranging from 1000 meters to 2,200 meters at Küçükçekmece Lake crossing. Project; It will pass through Küçükçekmece Lake and Sazlıdere Dam and reach the Black Sea from the east of Terkos Lake.

The total cost of the Istanbul Canal Project is expected to be 75 billion TL. With the construction of the canal, the land part of the bridge separating Küçükçekmece Lake from the Marmara Sea will be opened about a kilometer. 1 million 120 thousand 280 people will live in the Istanbul Canal part of The New City.

Silivri – Ortaköy – Incegiz – Gökçeli – Çanakça – Dağyenice route designated for The Istanbul Canal Project was abandoned due to the lot of lands to be used in the section connecting the Evcik Dam to the Black Sea. Canal Istanbul; Kucukçekmece – Basaksehir (Altıntepe, Güvercintepe and Şahintepe Neighborhoods) – Will be established in Arnavutköy Karaburun Village. Istanbul Canal will connect the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea through the districts of Kucukçekmece – Basaksehir – Arnavutköy. With the Istanbul Canal Project, Küçükçekmece Lake is planned to be revived.

In addition to the cost, compared to the Suez Canal with a length of 193 kilometers, the Istanbul Canal Project, which will be 47 kilometers, will provide an annual return of $8 billion if it works at full capacity. In this way, it will provide Both strategic and financial power to Turkey. In addition, the green corridors to be built on both sides of the canal will provide ecological order to the citizens who start to live there. ( Istanbul Canal Budget )

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