What is the Importance of the Istanbul Canal Project?

The Bosphorus is an important trade network that transitions to 45-50 thousand ships every year. For this reason, ship traffic and accidents in the Bosphorus are increasing with each passing year. The passage of 45-50 thousand ships per year increases the risks that may occur today through the strait, where only 3-4 thousand ships pass through the strait until 100 years ago. Dor the risk, the Istanbul Canal project was designed to prevent situations such as loss of life, loss of property, and infiltration of hazardous substances into the throat. The most important purpose of the Istanbul Canal Project is to prevent possible bad situations by reducing this traffic. It also stands out as a project that will have great returns to Turkey economically and strategically.

In Istanbul province, which has a population of more than 15 million people, citizens also make the transition using the strait. For this reason, the density in the throat is increasing every day. Besides, narrow passages of the strait, hard bends, and current also slow down this traffic. However, with the realization of the project, it is aimed to reduce this traffic, carry it safely to people and cargo ships. Reducing traffic, one of the most important details of the project will also prevent potential dangers. ( Purpose of Istanbul Canal )

In addition to reducing traffic in the Bosphorus, the Istanbul Canal Project is also critical to the defense of the city. If any military contingent crosses the Thracian plains, this channel, which will have a width of 400 meters, is expected to help create a major defense if someone tries to takes Istanbul.

Transport of Dangerous Goods

Dangerous/toxic substance loads transported are also seen as one of the problems that should be prevented in the Bosphorus. In the event of a possible accident, the infiltration of tankers loaded with oil and natural gas can destroy their species. The alternative transit corridor created by the Istanbul Canal project will also eliminate the risk of destroying these creatures. ( International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Inland Waterways )

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