Istanbul Canal Project Route

The Strait of Istanbul, used by both freight ships and cruise ships, cause of some dangers as it has narrow and sharp bends. Istanbul Canal Project has been planned to prevent accidents in the narrow and bendy parts of the strait where cruise ships or freighters may experience. In the project, accidents that freight and cruise ships may experience, and spill the dangerous material, that may occur are intended to protect to the Bosphorus. The Istanbul Canal Project, which is planned for the protection of the Bosphorus Strait, is designed to create alternative transition corridors in the Bosphorus. Thus, both the danger that narrow and sharp bends can pose, as well as prevent accidents are planned.

The Istanbul Canal Project, which is planned to prevent accidents where freight and cruise ships can live with each other and ensure safe transport of hazardous materials, has been worked for 5 different alternative corridors. In the corridors where the works were carried out, the environmental impacts of routes, above ground and soil resources, groundwater resources, transport networks, cultural and natural assets were examined separately. Construction costs and durations in the corridors examined were also calculated by comparing. ( How Istanbul Canal be Done ? )

With the Istanbul Canal Project, the most suitable corridor has been chosen to ensure that even the largest ship, which is 275 meters tall and 17 meters wide, can pass. The most suitable corridor was identified as Küçükçekmece Lake – Sazlıdere Dam – Terkos as a result of the examinations. This corridor, which will allow an average 145-tonne ship to pass, will also go to stop of dangerous bends and currents of the strait. ( Plans of The Thai Canal )

The Corridor

The length of the corridor set in the Istanbul Canal Project, which will facilitate the passage of ships and prevent possible accidents, will be approximately 45 km. This corridor, which has a base width of 275 meters and a depth of about 21 meters, is expected to achieve geopolitical and strategic superiority.

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