What are the Ecological Effects of the Istanbul Canal Project?

The Istanbul Canal Project, designed for a safer crossing in the Bosphorus, is also seen as a major economic development. In the project, which will ensure the safe delivery of ship traffic in the Bosphorus and vessels carrying hazardous materials; many different interpretations have been made on ecological, sociological, economic, and strategic effects. Looking from this angle, the Ecology Association, a conservation advocate for nature and life, which has 67 components in Turkey, has revealed that the project will have negative ecological impacts.

In the defense made by the Ecology Association, he stated that the Istanbul Canal Project could disappear, water basins, and forests in the long term. It is seen as negative ecological identifiable that the ecosystem of the sea can deteriorate, the bird migration path may deteriorate, the waters will become intrinsic due to excessive salting around the canal, and that the soil may lose its efficiency. The inability to grow sunflower, which is mainly grown in the region due to deteriorating soil balance, is also one of the negative ecological effects. ( Effects on Water Resources )

The Istanbul Canal Project, which will be built on an area the size of about 20,000 football fields, is among the other environmental concerns that the forests may cause extinction. The creation of a new city in the region where the project is located can also lead to a deterioration of the ecological balance, causing environmental pollution and reduced forests.

Some Risks

The presence of 3 active fault lines on the route where the project is planned also includes risk in the event of a possible earthquake or tsunami. Again, the danger of landslides and liquefaction of soil is also listed as ecological negative effects due to the canal. Greenpeace’s comments against the project in question have been that it could cause Istanbul’s water resources to run out. In addition to water sources, marine chemistry can be disrupted, living things can be destroyed and agricultural-forest land can be adversely affected as ecological effects that Greenpeace points out. ( Enviromental Worries about Nicaragua Canal )

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    Greenpeace is nothing for me. They are just political instrument for some countries. If you want to make preasure on any country , you deal with GP.


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