What is the Purpose of the Istanbul Canal Project?

The increasing economic activities in the world with each passing year has led to an increase in the number of ships passing through the Bosphorus in parallel. The narrowest part of the Bosphorus, where an average of 50,000 ships passes annually, is a natural waterway of 698 meters. Commercial vessels pass through the Bosphorus under the Montreux Straits Convention. However, in the 1930s when the Montreux Convention was signed, the number of ships passing through the Turkish Strait was 3,000 on average, but within the scope of technological developments and commercial developments, this number began to increase exponentially with each passing year. ( Effects of Istanbul Canal to Transportation )

Within the scope of the technological developments and the trade relations that the countries have increased accordingly, the size of the ships passing through the Bosphorus has increased over time. Especially the ships carrying dangerous/toxic substances such as fuel began to pass through the throat, raising concerns about possible accident situations. The passage of such toxic substances from the world heritage city of Istanbul poses a major threat and pressure while opening an alternative passageway has become mandatory. On top of this, a Istanbul Canal Project connected to the Bosphorus was revealed. ( Guidelines for Transiting the Turkish Straits )

After the Years

About 30-40 years later, where about 50,000 ships pass today on an annual basis, 86,000 ships are predicted to pass through the strait. The increase in numbers and concerns about the possibility of moving substances infiltrating the throat are among the reasons for the implementation of the Istanbul Canal Project. The Istanbul Canal Project aims to allow these vessels to pass through a canal on the Bosphorus, thereby not damaging the throat in case of possible accidents. The alternative channel to which the project will be carried out also aims to make a great contribution to Turkey in terms of revenue.

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