What are the Agreements That Contradict the Istanbul Canal Project?

Istanbul Canal Project, which is said to have both positive and negative effects, is planned to reduce ship traffic in the Bosphorus. In this project, which will connect Marmara and the Black Sea through the Bosphorus, it is planned to make the passage of ships through an alternative channel. The canal project, which is expected to prevent traffic and dangerous situations in the Bosphorus, contradicts past Bosphorus agreements. These contradictions raise the question that the project cannot provide the expected benefits.

What Has Turkey Achieved with the Montreux Straits Convention? ( Istanbul Canal and Montreux Agreement )

The Montreux Straits Convention signed on July 20, 1936, sets the rules that ships that will pass through the Bosphorus must comply. The agreement in question is as follows:

* The military defense and management of the straits have been left entirely to Turkey by the Lausanne Straits Convention signed in 1923.

* The foreign commission that oversees the suitability of ships that want to pass through the straits has been eliminated.

* Rules have been set for ships to follow in times of war and peace.

According to the Montreux Convention, the rules that will be applied in peacetime are as follows:

* All merchant ships can pass through the straits.

* Warships that exceed 10,000 tons can’t cross the strait. Warships below the 10,000-ton limit cannot be found in the Black Sea for more than 21 days.

* Up to 30 tons of warships belonging to countries without borders to the Black Sea, and up to 45 tons of restrictions have been imposed on ships belonging to countries on the coast of the Black Sea.

Following the Montreux Convention, it turns out that the right of ships through the strait cannot be restricted. For this reason, it is seen that the Istanbul Canal Project, which is planned to be carried out, contradicts the contract. The project, which has not yet been built, is among the contradictions that the right of ships to pass cannot be restricted. ( Full text of montreux convention )

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