Will Istanbul Canal Have Adverse Effects on Air Pollution

The Istanbul Canal Project, which is planned to be started in 2020, will require long-term work, as one of the largest canal projects ever heard. Since the project will have a length of approximately 45 kilometers, it is underlined that advanced excavations should continue for four years without interruption. Moreover, project preparation works are expected to take 1.5 years. It takes up to 5.5 years with the construction process of the canal. However, there are also various environmental organizations that raise various concerns about this issue. Because the excavations that will take place continuously for four years may cause a serious increase in air pollution, which is already a problem in Istanbul.

Main Consequences of Istanbul Canal in Terms of Air Pollution

Research on the Istanbul Canal Project revealed that the average amount of excavation to be uncovered during the project is 1.17 billion m3. According to research, this amount will cause serious dust emissions to occur in the city. Several studies have revealed that an average of 600 kg of dust emission per hour will be experienced in Istanbul during the excavations, which cause serious pollution of the air.

According to the limit set by the official institution that provides control of air pollution rates in Turkey, a dust emission at this rate, 600 times the maximum limit value. ( Environmental Impacts of Canals )

In addition to these, at least 100 million trucks will be operated during the project works in order to carry out the excavation and other necessary operations. The operation of these trucks will cause approximately 2 thousand 283 truck trips per hour. These expeditions to be realized will cause both dust emission and carbon emission. It is predicted that these trucks will have to work for at least 5 years to ensure the transportation of all the excavations. ( About Water Resources )

One thought on “Will Istanbul Canal Have Adverse Effects on Air Pollution

  • September 16, 2020 at 1:34 am

    I think this project do not directly cause any any air pollution issue. But if a new city is to be built there, then we can see the real air pollution problem.


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