What Negative Effects Can Istanbul Canal Have on Water Resources

Istanbul Canal project one of the most controversial projects in Turkey of which the benefits and harms are largely discussed. According to the researches of many environmental organizations, although the Istanbul Canal project has some consequences that will strengthen the economy, in fact, there will be various difficulties in terms of the use of water resources and access to water resources. It is possible to say that there is an increasing problem in drinking water resources worldwide. So much so that world giants have started to take measures rapidly, taking into account the warnings on this issue. Istanbul Canal project may create negative impacts on the drinking water supply in Turkey is expressed in the following way:

  1. One of Istanbul’s extremely powerful drinking water resources in the area is called Sazlıdere Barrage. With the emergence of the Istanbul Canal project, this Barrage will be out of use. This situation is extremely risky for Istanbul, which faces a great risk of drought, especially in summer. Against these claims, the government states that this rate of water loss will have an effect of 2.8 percent on Istanbul in general. In fact, according to official sources, there will be a loss of 30 million cubic meters in the Sazlıdere Dam.
  2. In addition to all these, the areas to be constructed within the framework of the Istanbul Canal projects seriously threaten the drinking water sources. Any action that takes place during construction could cause seawater to leak into drinking water supplies. Especially the seawater that may leak into the drinking water basins of Silivri, Çatalca and Büyükçekmece districts may cause a serious water source to be salted completely.
  3. There are some groups who argue that the Istanbul Canal can cause a serious change in climate and habitat. These groups underline that the climate change that will emerge may cause drought in the long term. ( Air pollution risk of Istanbul Canal )

Against these claims, it is underlined that by the government that a total of 91.2 million m2 private areas will be created within the framework of the Istanbul Canal Project. ( Enviromental Issues on Water Resources )

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