What Effects Can Istanbul Canal Have on Earthquake Risk

Istanbul Canal and Earthquake Risk

The Istanbul Canal project, which is planned to be 125 meters wide and between 40 and 45 meters long, could begin to be implemented in 2020. The researches made about the canal suggest that there may be a relationship between the expected earthquake risk in the Istanbul region with the Istanbul Canal. According to a study, the Istanbul Canal project could have preventive effects on earthquake risks. For another group, on the contrary, the Istanbul Canal project will create additional earthquake-triggering effects. The statements of both groups are extremely striking.

Istanbul Canal Project Can Prevent Earthquake

Currently, the urbanization process of Istanbul has an imbalance that can seriously trigger tectonic movements. This imbalance can cause millions of lives and property losses in a potential earthquake. However, the Istanbul Canal project will cause the architectural reorganization of an extremely large area. In this way, the urban transformation process will be reorganized against earthquake risk.

In line with the route of the Istanbul Canal project, many buildings will be demolished and rebuilt to the highest quality standards. This will allow the balancing and improvement of buildings that do not fulfill the needs to be protected from earthquakes. ( Tsunami Potential )

Istanbul Canal Project May Increase Earthquake Risk

According to some studies, the Istanbul Canal project may cause geological balances to shake. Istanbul Canal project will lead to the creation of an ‘’island-like’’ area in which approximately 8 million people live. This island will be located in one of the regions of Istanbul with high earthquake risk. This area covers 97,600 hectares. Government’s statements indicate that this new settlement plan will not prevent people from escaping to the safe area in the event of an earthquake, because it is said that no escaping plan predicting running from Küçükçekmece to the west of the Durusu. ( Panama Canal Earthquake Risk )

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