The Importance of Istanbul Canal Project in terms of Urbanization

The Istanbul Canal Project, as a project that was first mentioned in 2011 and is currently being discussed, has high importance for Istanbul. This project should not be perceived as merely the rearrangement of land parts and a new transit route for commercial ships. With the realization of the Istanbul Canal project, the city skyline will be redesigned and an intense commercial activity will emerge around the regions where the canal is located. Moreover, the silhouette of the city, which has deteriorated for many years with unplanned urbanization, will be redesigned with the Istanbul Canal project. The Istanbul Canal Project, which is believed to recreate Istanbul in terms of both historical, touristic, and urbanization dynamics, covers a comprehensive area.

Main Possible Effect of Canal Istanbul Project for Citizens

  1. The Istanbul Canal Project will enable many areas to become valuable again and many new initiatives to emerge in this context. The architecture to be organized at the points where the canal will pass seems to bring a project of approximately two million residences.
  2. The researches and plans presented underline that with the construction of the Istanbul Canal Project, at least 10,000 different job opportunities will be created, which is extremely promising for people who are waiting for jobs in Turkey.
  3. With the Istanbul Canal Project, the values ​​of both the city of Istanbul and the new businesses and residences to be established around the canal will rise. In this context, both the tourism and real estate sector can provide Istanbul with new gains. The researchers state that the areas around the where the Istanbul Canal is built will become extra valuable. This is among the most powerful promises of the Istanbul Canal Project in terms of urbanization and preserving metropolitan value. ( City Forming at Suez Canal )

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