Measures to Prevent Tsunami Generation of Istanbul Canal Project on Black Sea and Marmara Sea

The Istanbul Canal Project, which will connect the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea, will implement many measures in order to prevent possible adverse natural events that may occur by connecting these two seas. Research has revealed that the combination of seas with the Istanbul Canal Project may cause a tsunami problem involving both seas. Therefore, within the scope of the Istanbul Canal Project, various tsunami modeling studies have been carried out to ensure that the project will not cause any natural damage. Modeling studies revealed that tectonic movements, seismic movements, and landslides that may occur in the region may cause a certain wave height. This wave height is calculated as follows:

  • Seismic activities in the entrance region of the Marmara Sea, triggered by the project work, may cause a wave level increase of 117 cm.
  • Seismic activities triggered by the project work in the entrance region of the Black Sea may cause a wave level increase of 68 cm.

It has been affirmed that the values specified above will not create consequences that would endanger the life of any living thing. ( Ecological Effects )

Moreover, a detailed study has been carried out on whether there are landslide areas along the Istanbul Canal route that could accelerate the triggering of such seismic events. The studies have been completed using the 1 / 25.000 scaled MTA Landslide Inventory Maps. According to the results obtained from official institutions, there is no landslide area on the project route, which is a good new for implementing the project.

Moreover, within the scope of the Istanbul Canal Project, various measures have been taken to prevent soil liquefaction caused by earthquakes. Liquefaction analysis has been carried out in detail and no data has been found to pave the way for earthquakes. ( Earthquake Panama Canal )

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