Istanbul Canal’s Basic Contributions to Turkey’s Economy

Istanbul Canal, which is one of the most current projects in Turkey. Detailed EIA reports were prepared in 2019 regarding the Istanbul Canal project. After a total of 57 EIA Reports, the preparations for the project were completed. According to the official statements made, Turkey Istanbul Canal project will be economically contributions. ( Istanbul Canal Wiki )

Here are the main advantages of the Istanbul Canal Project:

Decrease of commercial transit traffic in Bosphorus

Istanbul Canal Project may cause the commercial transit traffic prevailing in the Bosphorus to decrease or even end. As it is known, there is serious tanker traffic on the Bosphorus. This traffic will be easier after the Canal opens and pollution in the region will decrease.

Increase of Employment

Istanbul Canal Project will create new employment areas. Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan points that approximately 15 percent of the increase is expected in terms of employment rates. especially the youth unemployment rate in Turkey is extremely high. Therefore, higher employment will be held in Istanbul, will positively affect the economy in Turkey.

Urbanization Problem in Istanbul Will Be Solved

Unplanned urbanization in Istanbul has so far led to an extremely disproportionate architecturalization. Many buildings in Istanbul are concentrated in certain centers. This situation negatively affects the transportation system of the city in general and also prevents economic growth and makes the city an extremely uncomfortable area to live. With the Istanbul Canal , the settlement in Istanbul is expected to spread around the Marmaray route. In this way, the settlement style which is gathered at a single point will be prevented. In addition, one of the main goals of the Istanbul Canal is to increase the share of the sea route in urban transportation. ( Istanbul Canal Transportation )

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