How Will Istanbul Canal Affect Agricultural Activities in the Region

How Will Istanbul Canal Affect Agricultural Activities in the Region?

Istanbul Canal Project was expressed by the first time in 2011 by President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and is still in the project stage. It is stated that the total size of the Kanal Istanbul Project is 45 km long, 275 meters wide and 20.75 meters deep. Such a large area covers a total of 8 different Istanbul districts and therefore has the potential to affect both the terrestrial and sea plans of Istanbul. As the Istanbul Canal Project will affect a very large continental area of ​​Istanbul, it may also cause some agricultural areas to be destroyed.

How Does Land of the Istanbul Will Be Affected?

  1. According to the researchers, canal-building works will be required for the Istanbul Canal Project for 5,5 years. The excavation that will emerge during this period will be exactly 1,17 cubic meters. According to official statements, the excavation from the project will be stored in an area outside of Istanbul. However, the exact location information has not yet been shared with the public.
  2. Moreover, according to opposite groups discuss the Istanbul Canal in Turkey, an agricultural area of ​​5 million 264 thousand 297 square meters will either be destroyed or negatively affected by this project. According to the Republic of Turkey Soil Conservation and Land Use Law, it is necessary to underline that these places are names as ‘’strong field of agriculture’’.
  3. This loss, which will arise in the agricultural areas, will negatively affect the economy of Istanbul, while at the same time, it may well result in the illegal destruction of the areas that need to be legally protected. ( Negative Effects of Istanbul Canal ) ( About Corinth Canal )

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